2013 Regatta Dates For The Caribbean

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Caribbean News, May 14, 2012 –  Several of the premiere Caribbean regattas have agreed to adjust their dates in 2013 to improve crowding the racing calendar.  The race directors will meet again in October 2012 to discuss this new schedule and work on a permanent solution that will run from 2014 onward.

The big boat racing circuit in the region has grown over the years, with new regattas being added and smaller events developing to an international level.  This resulted in a crowded race calendar with some conflicting dates.

Peter Holmberg of the Caribbean Sailing Association spearheaded this effort in an attempt to help both the visiting sailors and the events.  “The regatta directors were asked to consider the overall benefits, and not just the success of their individual event.  The spirit of cooperation from everyone was greatly appreciated.  With these adjustments, the entire Caribbean gains- the individual regattas and sponsors gain, the island economies gain, and the sport of sailing gains.”

After 40 years the BVI Spring Regatta is looking at a new chapter for the regatta. “The Caribbean has been discovered for the best sailing and the best racing in the world” said Judy Petz, Director of the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival.  “In order to help promote Caribbean racing, we will be changing our dates in 2013 to March 25-31 to allow campaign boats to enter more regattas and sailors who come for race season will have the opportunity to attend more events.”

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