2019 BVI Spring Regatta

March 29-31

Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions

  1. RULES
    1. The regatta will be governed by the Rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing except as altered by these sailing instructions. The regatta organizing authority (OA) is the Royal BVI Yacht Club.
    2. All monohull boats will be rated in accordance with CSA Rules.
    3. All multihull boats will be rated in accordance with the Multihull Rating Advisory Committee.
    4. The minimum number of crew for each boat will be two, except where class rules state otherwise.
    5. The decision as to the class in which a boat races rests entirely with the Organizing Authority. The OA reserves the right to transfer a boat’s entry to another class after the first day’s racing and before the start of the second day’s racing. In that event, the OA will advise the yacht in writing. Decisions of the OA under this clause shall be final. This changes RRS 62.
    6. RRS 29.1 is changed such that Individual Recalls may be announced by Radio. Failure to make a broadcast or to time it accurately will not be grounds for redress.
    7. RRS 33 (a) and (b) are changed such that new course information will be made by radio.
    8. RRS 44.1 is changed to allow a One Turn Penalty for a breach of Part 2 rules and rule 31.
    9. RRS 52 will not apply.
    10. RRS 55 is changed by adding the following sentence to the rule: However, discarding wool bands when setting a sail is permitted.
    11. RRS Appendix A2 is modified: No race scores will be discarded.
    12. RRS Appendix T will apply.
    13. Bareboats: Anchor and chain provided must be carried on board when racing. Anchor and chain only may be relocated from its normal position. This modifies CSA 3.13.3
    14. Boats will be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority. Bow stickers, when provided, shall be attached near the bow as close to the toe rail as possible.
    1. Notices to Competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board located in the Regatta Village near the Registration Office.
    1. Any change to the Sailing Instructions will be posted on the Official Notice Board by 0800 hours on the day it will take effect, except any change to the schedule of raceswill be posted by 2000 hours on the day before it will take effect.
    1. The OA may refuse to allow any boat to race if in its opinion the boat is insufficiently crewed or equipped or is otherwise not seaworthy or unsuitable for the course to be sailed even though it meets minimum safety requirements. The OA will state the reason for its decision as required by RRS 76.1, which decision will then be final.
    2. The Race Committee will have the right to inspect any boat before or after a race.
    3. No part of an anchor shall overhang the bow or forward cross arm while racing.


    Date          1st Warning             1st Start
     Fri             March 29 1000 hrs 1005 hrs
     Sat           March 30 1000 hrs 1005 hrs
     Sun          March 31 1000 hrs 1005 hrs

    Additional races on each day will be announced via the designated VHF radio channel.

    Sol Course   Norman Course
    Class Flag   Class Flag
    CSA Racing 1 Pink   CSA Jib & Main 1 Pink
    CSA Racing 2 Purple   CSA Jib & Main 2 Purple
    CSA Racing 3 Yellow   Bareboat 1 Yellow
    Performance Cruise Grey   Bareboat 2 Grey
    Sport Multihull White   Bareboat 3 White
    Offshore Multi Green   Hanse Green
          Cruising Multi Navy
          One Design “1”
    1. For each Course the Start Area, Signal Boat and order of starts for the first race of each day will be posted on the Official Notice Board before 2000 hours the day
    2. Classes may be starter together. If classes are to be started together:
      1. The class flags for classes to be started together will all be display
      2. A VHF broadcast will be made to announce that classes will start together.
    1. Boats without sail numbers may be assigned and provided with a number, which shall be affixed to the bow of the Competitors are to ensure that the bow numbers remain affixed throughout the duration of the regatta. Competitors not displaying their bow number as required are subject to protest only by the Race Committee or Organizing Authority. This changes RRS 60. Some classes may be provided with class flags. These shall be visible at all times while racing.
    1. The Race Committee will use the VHF radio for announcements and general An announcement will be made each morning at 0900 hours on VHF Ch 69. It is strongly suggested competitors have reliable VHF radios. Failure to receive a broadcast will not be grounds for redress.
      1. Sol Course Signal Boat is a Moorings 514 Power Cat: VHF Ch: 69
      2. Norman Course Signal Boat is a Moorings 514 Power Cat: VHF Ch: 71
    1. No later than the preparatory signal the Signal Boat will display the course to be sailed, approx-imate magnetic bearing to the laid windward mark, if a laid windward mark is being used, the order and side in which marks are to be left or rounded, on a white course board by listing the marks in order. (This changes rule 27.1)  A mark followed by the letter “P” shall be left or rounded to port; a mark followed by the letter “S” shall be left or rounded to starboard.
    2. The Course will be described as follows:  eg. (S)-10S-11P-9S-(F). Where (S) and (F) are the designated start and finish area’s A, B, C, D.
    3. The race committee will endeavor to broadcast the course to be sailed, the approximate range and bearing to a laid windward mark if used, on the designated VHF channel.
    4. No boat, after starting, shall sail through the finishing line except when finishing.
    • All start and finish area’s, islands and other marks of the course are described in the “Course Mark” card. Courses may include a combination of Islands, government buoys and inflatable marks.
  11. START
    1. Races will be started using RRS 26 with the Warning Signal 5 minutes before the start and with the class flag as the warning signal for each class. The warning signals for succeeding classes may be made with or after the starting signal of the preceding class.
    2. Boats of other classes shall keep clear of the starting line and its extensions until after their warning signal has been made.
    3. The starting line will be between a staff with an orange flag on the Signal Boat and the course side of a nearby inflatable mark.
    • The Race Committee will attempt to notify premature starters on the designated VHF radio channel.  Failure of a boat to hear or see her recall notification will not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.
    • The Race Committee may reposition a mark to shorten the course or to realign the course with the wind direction. A Mark Boat or the Signal Boat displaying flag “C” and making repetitive sound signals will be positioned in the vicinity of the mark beginning the leg to be changed. Neither the new range nor bearing to the changed mark will be displayed. Information regarding the new course direction and distance will be broadcast on the designated VHF channel. This changes RRS 33.
  14. FINISH
    • The finish line will be between a staff with a blue flag on a Signal Boat and the course side of a nearby mark.
    • The time limit for each race will be 120 minutes. Boats failing to finish within 15 minutes after the first boat in their class sails the course and finishes will be scored Time Limit Expired (TLE) and scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of boats that did finish the race. This changes RRS 35, RRS A4, RRS A5, and RRS A11.
    1. An International Jury will hear protests
    2. Protests shall be made in writing and delivered to the Protest Desk located in the Regatta Village near the Registration Office within one hour of the time the Course Signal Boat docks.
    3. Protests under RRS 78 (Compliance with Class Rules and Rating Certificates) shall be made in writing and delivered to the Protest Desk not later than 1800 hours on the first race day.
    4. Protest forms may be obtained from the Protest Desk.
    5. Protests will be heard as soon as possible after each day’s racing.
    6. The person representing a boat in a protest hearing must have been aboard during the race. This adds to RRS 63.3 (a).
    7. The International Jury may, at its discretion impose an alternative penalty in lieu of  disqualification for  any infringement, including safety requirements, with the exception of an infringement of the rules of Part 2 and rule 31.
    8. Appendix T applies. Provided that rule 44.1(b) does not apply, a boat that may have broken one or more rules of Part 2 or rule 31 in an incident may take a Post-Race Penalty (30% scoring penalty) at any time after the race until the beginning of a protest hearing involving the incident.
    9. For protests involving a breach of a rule of Part 2 or rule 31, a short arbitration hearing will be offered prior to a jury hearing. This changes Part 5, Section B of the RRS.
    10. Provided that rule 44.1(b) does not apply, a party that accepts the arbitrator’s opinion that they may have broken one or more rules of Part 2 or rule 31 in an incident will be assessed a 30% scoring penalty as computed by RRS 44.3, but in no case will her score be greater than the points received for a DNF.
    11. If the protested boat accepts the opinion of the arbitrator, there will be no further requirement to open a protest hearing.
    12. For the purpose of RRS N1.4 (b) the time limit for a hearing by the jury constituted in compliance with N1.1, N1.2, and N1.3 is thirty minutes after the decision.
    13. Decisions of the International Jury will be final as provided in Rule 70.5.
    1. The Low Point scoring system, rule 1, will apply. One race is required to be completed to constitute a series. No race scores will be discarded.
    2. Corrected times will be rounded to the nearest second.
  18. PRIZES
    1. Class Awards, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    2. International Yacht Club Challenge for paid Sunsail charters.
    3. Best BVI Boat
    4. To be eligible for the Best BVI Boat Award, the skipper must be a national or have lived in the BVI for the last two years.
    5. Guy Eldridge Award for true Spirit and Enthusiasm
    1. Competitors grant the Organizing Authority the unrestricted right and permission to use the name and the image for any text, photograph or video footage of either themselves or the yacht they are sailing during the event to be published or broadcast in any media whatsoever (including but not limited to Press and TV advertisements or Internet), for either editorial or advertising purposes or to be used in press information; in this respect, competitors’ names and any biographical material of themselves may also be used or reproduced in any way known.
    • As a condition of entry into this Regatta, the entrant accepts that it is his/her sole and inescapable responsibility for the management and safety of his/her yacht, and the BVI Spring Regatta Committee, BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association, Royal BVI Yacht Club, Sponsors or any of their members and employees accept no responsibility for loss of life or injury to participants or others or the loss of, or damage to, any yacht however caused, before, during or after the Regatta.
    • The Skipper/Owner of each yacht participating in the Regatta shall be responsible for the behavior of each member of the crew of his yacht. In the case of any destruction of property, any breach of reasonable standards of good sportsmanship by skipper or any crew member, or the failure to comply with any reasonable request of any officer or agent of the BVI Spring Regatta Committee directed to any member of any participating yacht, that yacht may be disqualified from participating in any future races in the Regatta.