LV Yachting

Date of completion: January 1, 1970



LV Yachting has over 10 years experience in delivering racing yacht charters. When chartering with us, we want teams to enjoy the whole experience; from the first time they contact us to when they return home with fantastic memories from their sailing adventure. We have a range of charter options from Grand Prix racing yachts to racer cruisers, dependent upon the team requirements and experience. We can tailor the charter to fit all personal requirements and take care of logistics, if needed, so that teams can just arrive and race.

For the BVI Spring Regatta, we have the below boats available for whole boat charter.

Swan 80-Umiko 

Volvo Ocean 65


Figaro 3


Sunfast 3600-Jellyfish

Grand Soleil-Sidney 2

Sigma 38

First 40

TS 5- Blackjack