Mount Gay Rum return as a proud Gold sponsor of the 49th BVI Spring Regatta

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Mount Gay Rum return as a proud sponsor of the 49th BVI Spring Regatta+ more supporting sponsors on board – RiteWay: Official Provisioning Partner & Coca-Cola

 Mount Gay, the world’s oldest running rum distillery will be back once again to provide sailors at the BVI Spring Regatta with their much-loved post-race tipple after a great day out on the water.

Long-standing supporters of the event, Mount Gay’s 300+ year heritage dates back to 1703 and is deeply connected to the ocean and sailing. Their fabled Mount Gay Rum Red Cap has become much-coveted memorabilia by all those who take part and this year, the organisers of the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival are proud to announce that the Mount Gay Race Day on Friday 1st April will kick off proceedings for the 49th edition of this popular regatta which has over 80 boats from around the world taking part.

We are very happy to have the support of Mount Gay Rum yet again as they have been close partners and supporters of the regatta since it began. We know how much the sailors taking part look forward to the Mount Gay Race Day which starts off three days of competitive racing following the Sailing Festival warm-up. Our sponsors at Mount Gay are thrilled to continue their support and are looking forward to connecting with the all the sailors participating in the regatta, as well as all the non-sailors and visitors who support the event,” says Regatta Director, Judy Petz.

Raphaël Grisoni, Managing Director at Mount Gay Rum comments: “We have been on a shared journey with sailing from the very beginning: From the 17th to the 20th century as the original means of transport for our rum to the region, the United States and England; as the drink of choice for sailors and the maritime industry as a whole; and then with our support of regattas which began around the mid 20th Century. More recently we have partnered with World Sailing and the eSailing platform during the global pandemic and now we are setting course on a new sustainable chapter that will continue to strengthen our deep relationship with sailing as we head towards our 320th Anniversary in 2023, and beyond.”

Mount Gay is committed to sustainability and transparent practices to meet the brand’s vision for environmental stewardship and carbon neutrality. As part of its multi-faceted sustainability program, they have also partnered with 4Ocean. “To this end, Mount Gay have decided that it would be a sustainable move to use the famous Red Cap 2020 to celebrate the return of the 49th BVI Spring Regatta. This will be the famous Mount Gay Rum Red Cap of the BVI Spring Regatta that did not happen because of the worldwide pandemic – a collector’s item for sure!” says Judy Petz.

More supporting sponsors sign up – RiteWay: Official Provisioning Partner & Coca-Cola


Easy provisioning with RiteWay – Official provisioning partner

RiteWay Food Markets were recently announced Official Provisioning partner of the BVI Spring Regatta which is great news for those sailors wishing to stock up for their on-board lunches and treats during racing, as well as pre-ordering provisions for boat or shoreside accommodation during the regatta. The company has been serving the BVI for over 60 years and offer a 5-star provisioning service which is famous across the Caribbean. RiteWay Online is the most efficient way to purchase groceries before sailors arrive in the BVI and they offer a large selection of items to choose from which can be delivered to a specified on-island location. Simply visit the website,, create an account and browse various categories. A credit card is required as a payment guarantee to set up the account with RiteWay Online and they accept Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard. On Check Out, be sure to include your Sail Number with your Vessel Name.  For additional information, click here 

“We are pleased to announce that Coca-Cola will be joining the long list of supporting sponsors for the 49th edition of the BVI Spring Regatta. This is another iconic global brand with a long heritage dating back to 1886 when its founder created the distinctive soft drink now known as Coca-Cola original Taste,” comments Judy Petz Regatta Director.