New class for 2020 BVI Spring Regatta’s Sailing Festival + six Corsair trimarans sign up

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Performance Cruising will be added as a new class to the Sailing Festival in the 2020 BVI Spring Regatta ©

With the increase in performance-oriented cruising boats in the sailing world, the BVI Spring Regatta Organizing Authority has added an additional class to the Sailing Festival – Performance Cruising – to accompany Racing, Bareboats, Cruising and Multihull classes. 

“This class allows the race boats with full interiors to sail with their racing inventories, including spinnakers, against like boats.” said Robert Phillips, Race Committee Chairman. 

The BVI Sailing Festival includes the first race of the week on Tuesday March 31st, the Round Tortola race for the Nanny Cay Cup, a full day of sailing around 35nm of the main island of the BVI’s. Wednesday April 1st is the Scrub Island Invitational – an exciting morning race towards the northern end of the islands with a fantastic beach BBQ, pool and live music party hosted at Scrub Island Resort and Marina.  Teams have a chance to relax or practice on Thursday to be ready for the three-day BVI Spring Regatta that follows Friday- Sunday April 3rd-5th, 2020.

The increase in performance-oriented cruising boats in regattas has led to the Performance Cruising class being added to the BVI Sailing Festival 2020 ©

Last year the BVI Spring Regatta added the Sport Multihull class, giving the sportier trimarans and catamarans courses more suited to these smaller, fast boats, and allowing the Race Officers to give them more races.

“Adding new classes allows us to welcome all boats. Regattas around the Caribbean and the world are making sure, as new classes arise, they are ready to include them in their events,” remarked Phillips.

‘Fast and fun’ is the motto for the Sport Multihull class of six Corsair trimarans who have entered the 2020 BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival. Over the past year a fleet has grown in the Caribbean area and the class are ready to race and introduce the boat type to others. 

When asked ‘What’s so great about them?’ the enthusiastic response is that they are really fast and take just three crew to sail. “The Corsair appeals on so many levels,” said 2019 class winner Mark Sanders on Island Hop. “You can cruise/overnight, race, trailer, step/un-step the rig yourself, even beach it in 14” of water! The thing I like best is the fierce competition and that the class has taken off in this way, with potentially more boats joining the ranks this coming season.”

Six Corsair trimarans have entered the 2020 BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival. 
Class winner in 2019 – Mark Sanders Corsair 31 Island Hops (BVI) ©

“Encouraging sailors to come and race, I would you tell them that the BVI Spring Regatta is superb sailing/racing location for what has become an awesome event over the years. The shear natural beauty of our islands, crystal pristine waters and consistent trade winds makes this a very ‘special place to race!” concludes Sanders.

The BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival is scheduled March 30th-April 5th, 2020.  Over 15 classes, three bodies of water and plenty of parties every night. 

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