US1 Takes Nations Challenge But Seven Year Old Steals the Show

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Today was layday at the Bitter End Yacht Club for all the participants in the 2010 BVI Sailing Festival. Although some used the day to remotely catch up in the office, others spent the day enjoying the Caribbean sunshine, warm water and some friendly competition. This morning there were a number of �fun� races in Hobies, Lasers and Optimists. The Laser top spot was taken by Bill Revelle while the first place in the Hobie Wave competition belonged to Kent Rydberg. Seven year old Savannah Baus soundly beat her mother, father and family friend in the Opti and as described by Adam Rand, the Head Sailing Instructor at the Bitter End Yacht Club, �She was unstoppable.� The morning activities were the precursor for the day’s main event, the Nations Cup Challenge. The format this year called for teams of two to three members, one to sail the Laser and one or two to sail the Hobie Waves. Six teams entered. There was USA 1, USA 2, Puerto Rico 1, Puerto Rico 2, Texas Gold and a Tri-Nations Team made up of a member from New Zealand, the UK and the US. Four races were sailed in North Sound and at the day’s end, this year’s title was awarded to USA 1; a team made up of Ron Boehm sailing the Lasers and Kent Rydberg in the Hobie. Ron placed consistently second and won the last race. Consistency was missing in the Hobie Wave fleet with the sailors finishing all over the board. Although USA1 won the title, once again it was seven year old Savannah Baus who stole the show. In the final race, Jim Baus, her father attempted a port tact start. Things did not go according to plan and the team took a lot of sterns. Savannah then took over and steered the Hobie Wave around the course finishing third in the six boat fleet. Tomorrow the fleet of 44 will sail from North Sound to the Nanny Cay Marina and Resort and the winner will be awarded the Nanny Cay Cup. The Regatta Village will officially open tomorrow night and be party central in Tortola for the rest of the weekend. Registration closes for the main event, BVI Spring Regatta, at 6PM and the racing begins on three courses in Sir Frances Drake Channel Friday and will continue on through the weekend.