BVISR Stalwarts, Sanperes, Sign Up For 50th

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Various crew/boats/winners, 1996 and beyond - ALL sailed with Sanpere...and lived!
Various crew/boats/winners, 1996 and beyond – ALL sailed with Sanpere…and lived!

Tony and Ellen Sanpere were recently first to sign up for 2023 BVI Spring Regatta chartering a Sunsail 47 to be named Team Cayennita for the event.

“We are really excited to be a part of the 50th BVI regatta. We’re bringing our St. Petersburg crew and chartering a bareboat to compete,” said Ellen.

Tony and Ellen have been attending the BVI Spring Regatta since 1996 competing on their boats Cayenne, Cayennita, Cayennita Grande, and Pandemonium. Tony has competed in over 20 BVI Spring Regattas. His history with the BVI Spring Regatta dates backs to the early 70s, competing in the first event and racing with Jean Brauer from St Thomas and Bob Moya from Puerto Rico. Over the years he crewed on Morningstar, MuMu, Twisted Lizard, Broken Drum, and Hotel California II.

Tony and Ellen lived aboard Cayenne (1995-1998) and Cayenne III (1998-2010), then in a condo on St Croix until Dec. 2017. Cayenne III was the mothership for the racing crew.

Looking back over her years with the BVI Spring Regatta, Ellen said: “When Tony started racing on smaller, hi-tech boats, I switched to the race committee crew, which turned out to be among my smartest moves ever!

“They welcomed me, gave me a shirt and lunch and even a drink or two, not to mention a Mount Gay cap and becoming good friends with Judy Petz and Pam Fuller. It also gave me a great camera angle on the starting line.

“I don’t remember what year I started on the race committee, but Peter Reggio was the PRO. It was a privilege to work with him. Working with the Brennan group is even more fun and taught me what a great RC can do.”