34 Years Of Spring Regatta Memories Coming Up

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John Glynn, former marketing and event supremo at Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC), has committed to posting a weekly archive photo from the BVI Spring Regatta until our 50th kicks off on March 27 next year.

John Glynn from Bitter End Yacht Club helming Cosmic Warlord at the 20th Annual in 1991. To leeward are Peter Haycraft and Sam Laing.

“I think I’ve done 19-20 Spring Regattas, starting in 1988. My first Spring Regatta was my second season with BEYC. Nick Trotter and I decided to enter Paranda (BEYC’s Spronk 48 excursion catamaran). Our primary competition, another Spronk from Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, capsized on day two. But we had a blast.

“When we had the Freedom 30s at Bitter End as charter boats, it was always fun to be the smallest boat in the charter class, sometimes winning from behind. We formed a strong bond with Presley King, who ruled the charter classes back then. Our IC24 program helped showcase our Pro Am Regatta.

“Many of the boats I raced with were Quarterdeck Club members at BEYC (Bella Pita), regulars at our Swan events (Fenix and Wind Dancer), or frequent BEYC Pro Am resort guests (Roy Disney/Robbie Haines). I was brought aboard to provide local knowledge (and by local knowledge, I mean where to find the coldest beer on Tortola and Virgin Gorda).”

John is now primarily doing yacht brokerage up in the northeastern US with McMichael Yacht Brokers: “But I plan to come race BVI Spring Regatta this year for old time’s sake. Looking for the right ride!! Wouldn’t miss the 50th…”

Here’s John’s impressive entry list at the BVI Spring Regatta:

Paranda (BEYC’s Spronk 48)
Three times in the charter class on a Freedom 30*
Three or Four times on Cosmic Warlord (Express 37)*
Two times on an IC24
Two times on Arethusa (a ClubSwan 42)
Two times on Fenix (Swan 60)
Once each on:
Pyewacket 75
Pyewacket 86
Luxury Girl (Beneteau 10R)
Bella Pita (Tripp 75 mini maxi)
Wind Dancer (Swan 48)
J/80 (unnamed)

You can follow John’s weekly instagrams here, but we’ll be sharing them here too.